Product Description

Roichen Ceramic Smart Pot, a European style and can be conveniently used in narrow kitchen with the smart lid that can be placed on the handle position.Heating time shortens with the Steam Control System on the lid knob.

Easy to clean even if you burn food because of its eco-premium ceramic coating.


RSC – 18 C/VA (2.1L) with Lid

RSC – 20 C/VA (2.7L)with Lid

RSC – 24 LC/VA (3L)with Lid

RSC – 24 HG/VA (6.4L)with Lid

28 cm Grill Pan With Glass cover


Ceramic Top coating

Ceramic Base Coating

Aluminum Die Casting

Ceramic Base Coating

Ceramic Top coating

Protection of moisture loss, self-basting system like a labyrinth pattern

Emission from Far – infrared ray that is good for human body

Simple washing and saving cooking time

Design with smart feature

Steam Control System