Product Description

AL Arabic is the leading quality-oriented Arabic localization company. We offer a comprehensive package to our clients that include:
• Undisputed quality, backed by a money back warranty.
• Dedicated client teams: The same talents will always work for the same client. This maintains quality and consistency.
• Flat rate for all translation services, regardless to domain, deadline, or level or difficulty.
• No rush charges, no minimum charge.
• No commitment required from our clients for a minimum volume per month or any other sort of commitment. Clients can just use our service when they need it.
• PRL and other short translation turnaround in two hours when needed at no additional charge.
• Standard turnaround time of 24 hours for any translation less than 5000 words.
• Simple workflow: All that clients need to do is email us the task, and expect it on deadline. No purchase orders, no signatures, no scanning invoices, and no stamps.
• 30 days billing cycle: We bill our clients once a month only, and they have 30 days to settle each invoice.
• A free introductory Arabic language course for up to 5 of clients’ staff members (12 hours training to learn the Arabic alphabet).
• A free cultural awareness course (our Doing Business in Arabia short version course of 4 training hours) for up to ten of clients’ staff members.
• Free publishing on our PR platform, Henna ( for any of material related to our clients or any of their clients (top quality Arabic content written by us).