Product Description

Maintenance of proper accounts and bookkeeping is a time consuming but fundamentally important aspect of any business, small or large. The information generated from such accounts is invaluable for business decision making as well as providing you with a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of the financial status and health of your business.

Using our accounting and bookkeeping services allows you to focus on executing and growing your business with the confidence that your business finances are properly organized and administered. We will provide you with tailor-made reports to help you manage your business finances and make the important decisions your business needs.

Our accounting services include:

Maintaining your books and records
Liaising with your directors and external auditors
Producing monthly/quarterly/annual management reports with supporting schedules and notes
Providing timely and complete information to your lawyers, auditors, and agents as required
Directing correspondence with directors on performance and relevant issues
Assisting in retaining legal, accounting and banking services
Assisting chartered accountants in the preparation of their annual audit and reporting

Please note that the above list of services is not exhaustive but instead an indicative guide to customary services. We are happy to discuss with you other and additional services specific to your needs and business.

Let’s discuss your business needs.