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Business & Economy

Renewable energy


We featured renewable energy in April 2015 as a sector of interest. Since then, the focus on this industry has increased dramatically, both here in the UAE and internationally.

The recent COP21 conference, held in Paris in December, was the first such global get-together in five years. The agenda it sets will shape the […]

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Automotive spares and parts


It’s fair to say UAE residents love their cars. Add in the hot, challenging climate, and the demand for automotive parts, servicing and accessories is always going to be strong. While most cars are manufactured abroad, there is nonetheless a healthy indigenous market for manufacturer and supply, plus import/export, of parts and accessories.


This […]

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The health of the UAE’s biotechnology sector is, in many ways, harder to call than most other sectors.

On one hand, the UAE leads the Arab world in biotechnology, with cutting-edge research in areas such as sustainable energy and biofuels. These efforts are receiving increased global attention.

On the other hand, some of the barriers the […]

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Interior Design and Fit Out


Interior design and fit out is closely tied to the overall health of the economy, and particularly the property market and hospitality sector.

The industry’s business tends to come from four markets. In order of importance, revenue value and market share, these are: hotels and restaurants; retail environments; residential interiors; commercial spaces.


In 2013, […]

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Luxury Goods

If the UAE is known for anything, luxury goods is certainly a contender. Residents are exposed every day to a world where luxury is less an indulgence and more of a lifestyle, and huge numbers of the tourists who visit the UAE every year include shopping for high-end goods on their itinerary.

While most […]

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Get Social

Could social media give your business a well-needed boost?

How SME’s can take advantage of social media platforms

Social media is bigger than ever and platforms have recently formed more links with commercial companies and online shopping. These new habits provide SMEs opportunities to promote and market their services and products and in turn grow their […]

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Facilities Management


Facilities management covers a range of activities, from cleaning services to pest control, office services, landscaping, waste management and building management systems.

In the UAE, these services are big business. The outsourced facilities management industry really only took off ten years ago, when the shift form doing everything in-house truly begin to take hold.

And […]

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Sector snapshot: Healthcare

Healthcare is a booming sector, with a mix of public and private providers – and plenty of opportunities for the latter. You need not be a huge primary care provider to benefit, as healthcare requires a huge and diverse network of suppliers, partners and related industries to thrive.

Market size
The UAE spent an estimated $11.3 […]

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Reaching today’s consumers

How can you ensure your SME keeps pace with the latest digital developments?

The ‘Internet of Things’ is rapidly becoming reality; digital devices are connecting every aspect of life; and the UAE is leading global trends. It’s safe to say that the new connected world is where today’s UAE businesses need to exist.
If […]

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Renewable energy


While countries in the GCC have been undertaking renewable energy projects for over 30 years, there has been a significant concentration of effort and focus in recent years (well ahead of the current pressure on oil prices).

Renewable energy now represents a keystone of the UAE’s strategy to:

Diversify and build new industries, and reduce […]

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