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Welcome to SMEXchange, a new online community for SMEs across the UAE. Created and provided by Mashreq Bank as a key part of their support for this thriving and vital sector, SMEXchange aims to help your business reach even higher.

Alternative financing

What possibilities do schemes such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending offer regional SMEs?
A new way to fund your firm

In recent months, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) financing schemes have begun to gain more attention in the UAE.
As techniques, they have already featured strongly in locations such as the USA’s Silicon Valley, and in some […]

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Optimism up or down?

As we start 2015, what do the latest UAE SME surveys say about the state of the sector?
Looking ahead

In 2013–14, the 2008 global recession finally felt far behind us. Economies improved globally: nowhere more than here in the UAE, where stock market growth was stellar, and the property market equally sky-high. That confidence […]

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Oil’s impact

What implications does the fall in oil prices hold for the wider economy?
Riding out the oil decline

The fall in oil prices has deservedly dominated the business pages for the past few months. While the steep drop in barrel prices is still manageable for the UAE economy as a whole, it could in time have […]

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Finding the right people

On the hunt for perfect people

When it comes to recruiting the people you need to grow your business, what unique opportunities and challenges do UAE SMEs face? We’ve gathered a number of key issues you ought to have a clear view on if you’re looking to initiate a recruitment drive in 2015.

Based here […]

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Sector snapshot: Hospitality


The GCC hospitality industry is predicted to grow at annual rate of 9.5% to AED 130bn by 2018. The Dubai hotel occupancy rate averages 80%, while Abu Dhabi is 76%, while the revenue per average room (RevPar) is around AED 732.67. (Source: STR Global, Ernst & Young)

Size and growth
In Dubai, 61% of hotels are […]

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Risk management

How do SMEs find the right balance when it comes to risk management?
Are you on top of risk management?

Starting and running an SME takes a special kind of person. One prepared to go outside their comfort zone, invest their life savings, start from scratch, do things differently… Someone prepared to take risks, in short.

In […]

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Exit ahead

While it might seem contrary to the entrepreneurial spirit, an exit plan is always vital.
How could you plan to hand your SME on?

While it might seem contrary to the entrepreneurial spirit, an exit plan is always vital.

In fact, having an exit strategy from day one is vital to a sensible, fully-rounded business. This […]

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Compared to many other economies, innovation among SMEs in the UAE still has some catching up to do – a conclusion that’s proved by recent data. However there are initiatives and laws in place to help make this happen, many of which are relatively new and well worth being aware of.

Key statistics
A key […]

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While there are fewer SMEs in manufacturing than there are in other sectors, their contribution is significant – and so is their potential. Both these factors have been assessed extensively in Dubai, and to a lesser degree in Abu Dhabi – we’ve rounded up the latest insights and information.

Contribution to economy: In 2013, the […]

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Where’s the profit?

How does financial performance vary across SME sectors?
Financial healthcheck across SME sectors

In the UAE, SMEs represent 95% of all firms, and cover almost all sectors. As the national economy has gone from strength to strength in recent quarters, SMEs have been involved in every area of growth. But which sectors are making the most […]

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