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About SMEXchange

Welcome to SMEXchange, a new online community for SMEs across the UAE. Created and provided by Mashreq Bank as a key part of their support for this thriving and vital sector, SMEXchange aims to help your business reach even higher.

Delivering online

How can you make online work for you?

Running an efficient ecommerce service

Logistics, customer service and fulfillment are vital to ecommerce. But they’re hard to get right – especially in the UAE. Here are tips in five key areas for how to succeed.
This advice is aimed directly at SMEs. As a smaller independent online retailer, […]

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Floating on a Cloud

Making the most out of your cloud storage. Find out what it can do for your SME.

Hard Drives Are So Last Year.

The cloud is the latest widespread craze amongst business and individuals alike. There are a plethora of options available offering large amounts of storage space. You pay for as much as you use, […]

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Employee Health Insurance

Health Insurance in Dubai is becoming obligatory, what does that mean for SMEs?

Health Insurance for your Employees

Of course the implementation of compulsory health insurance for employees is a fantastic advance. However, it leaves SME owners to foot a very large possibly unexpected bill. The first phase of the Dubai Health Authority’s compulsory health insurance […]

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Facilities Management


Facilities management covers a range of activities, from cleaning services to pest control, office services, landscaping, waste management and building management systems.

In the UAE, these services are big business. The outsourced facilities management industry really only took off ten years ago, when the shift form doing everything in-house truly begin to take hold.

And […]

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Remote working

How can you manage a spread-out team?
How to manage remote working within your team

The explosion of technology has meant that flexible working and a 24/7 working culture is now commonplace. We can email, have web meetings and collaborate online just as we would do in the office, offering both businesses and individuals the best […]

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eCommerce comes of age

Is it time to sell online?

Local eCommerce on the rise

A new report shows that UAE customers now prefer local ecommerce sites to the big global names, with one local site outperforming Amazon – supposedly the pinnacle of online retail – 3 to 1 in this region. Is regional ecommerce on the up, and how […]

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Is your IT safe?

According to experts, the GCC region is a prime target for cyber criminals.
The UAE’s spend on IT security is significantly lower than the global average, should you be worried?

A looming concern for the GCC region is the lack of cyber security, leaving opportunities for criminals to attack businesses, banks and individuals more easily than […]

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Sector snapshot: Healthcare

Healthcare is a booming sector, with a mix of public and private providers – and plenty of opportunities for the latter. You need not be a huge primary care provider to benefit, as healthcare requires a huge and diverse network of suppliers, partners and related industries to thrive.

Market size
The UAE spent an estimated $11.3 […]

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Help with figures?

Outsourcing accountancy services: how to make it work for you
Is outsourcing accountancy the answer for your SME?

As with HR (covered in another article), not all SMEs can afford an in-house accountant/financial specialist, especially in their start-up days. What are the pros and cons of outsourcing this service?

What are the pros?
Perhaps the biggest factor in […]

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Business Planning

What makes a good business plan?
Seven steps to writing a winning business plan

The business plan: the foundation on which every SME is based. Writing it well is critical – to getting your venture off the ground, attracting investors and employees, securing future success, and so much more.

There are so many aspects to getting […]

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