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Mashreq has provided banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967. We are one of UAE's leading financial institutions with a growing retail presence in the region including Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. We focus on providing our customers access to a wide range of innovative products and services.


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About SMEXchange

Welcome to SMEXchange, a new online community for SMEs across the UAE. Created and provided by Mashreq Bank as a key part of their support for this thriving and vital sector, SMEXchange aims to help your business reach even higher.

Start Smart

Every entrepreneur should be familiar with the key steps to setting up. However there are also countless small things you can do to ease those early days. Here are our top five.

Use a virtual office service
As your company gets going, it might feel fine to be the person answering the phone. After all, every […]

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Balance the demands

Being an entrepreneur, running an SME – these are demanding undertakings. Balancing them with your home life is difficult, but vital. Here are five top tips for getting it right.

Be prepared to miss outPersonal sacrifice is, unfortunately, essential to running your own business. Sometimes the business simply has to take priority over friends and […]

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Tejar: what’s involved?

A government scheme to incentivise and reward Emirati entrepreneurs, Tejar is going from strength to strength. We sum up what the programme offers, and how to get involved.

Take advantage of Tejar
It’s rarely the strength of a business idea that thwarts an entrepreneur. More often, it’s the practicalities: funding, planning, legalities, financial management… So programmes […]

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The health of the UAE’s biotechnology sector is, in many ways, harder to call than most other sectors.

On one hand, the UAE leads the Arab world in biotechnology, with cutting-edge research in areas such as sustainable energy and biofuels. These efforts are receiving increased global attention.

On the other hand, some of the barriers the […]

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Boost your online reputation management

These days, a bad online review or critical social media comment (or even malicious content from a competitor) can harm your business’ reputation. According to Zurich’s SME Index, globally around 15 per cent of SMEs suffer from this. Stack this against the fact that 80% of consumers research a B2C SME online before buying […]

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Interior Design and Fit Out


Interior design and fit out is closely tied to the overall health of the economy, and particularly the property market and hospitality sector.

The industry’s business tends to come from four markets. In order of importance, revenue value and market share, these are: hotels and restaurants; retail environments; residential interiors; commercial spaces.


In 2013, […]

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Chase up late payments

Overdue invoices can be a major issue for SMEs, hampering cashflow and even threatening operations. Its scale in this region is unknown, but anecdotally many businesses confirm it’s a challenge. Even if you’re fortunate enough for it to not cause major problems, it’s probable your company expends time and effort chasing payments that could […]

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Affordable office space

Is high-end office development squeezing out space that might suit SMEs? And if so, what can you do about it?

The space race: are SMEs being squeezed out?
A visit to Dubai’s upcoming CityScape exhibition (8–10 September) will doubtless be another stunning showcase of prestigious developments and grand schemes. Whether residential or retail, commercial or cultural, […]

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Luxury Goods

If the UAE is known for anything, luxury goods is certainly a contender. Residents are exposed every day to a world where luxury is less an indulgence and more of a lifestyle, and huge numbers of the tourists who visit the UAE every year include shopping for high-end goods on their itinerary.

While most […]

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Get Social

Could social media give your business a well-needed boost?

How SME’s can take advantage of social media platforms

Social media is bigger than ever and platforms have recently formed more links with commercial companies and online shopping. These new habits provide SMEs opportunities to promote and market their services and products and in turn grow their […]

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