mashreq SMEXchange – UAE’s Best SME Platform to Buy, Sell, Exchange Ideas & Grow Your Business

SMEXchange is an online community supported by Mashreq to address the ever increasing needs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UAE and to support them across the different stages of their business lifecycle.

SMEXchange offers small businesses with a range of tools to help their businesses grow, strengthen and succeed. It is a significant element in Mashreq’s support for this thriving Business Banking segment which is identified as a critical fuel to drive UAE’s economic growth engine.

The platform includes following key sections:

The Marketplace is an online platform giving customers the opportunity to display and promote their products and services to prospective buyers.

The monthly StartUp Academy series is designed to offer aspiring entrepreneurs, start-up business founders or SME employees, the tools to improve, expand or launch their small business, also has its own section. Through SMEXchange, users can view the details of past events and register for the upcoming workshops.

In the Articles section, you will be able to get information about a number of SME-related topics, with a specific focus on the UAE. This lively and engaging coverage of industry trends, news, issues and opportunities will help keep SMEXchange members up-to-date with current affairs and best practices.

Finally, the Success Story section provides case studies of regional SMEs, including expert tips, words of warning, and other advice for SMEs to follow. Registered members also have the opportunity to submit their own success story.

However, the community’s content is not confined to these four aspects.

Other modules include an Ask the Expert segment, Market and Property Review Reports and a Poll of SME related Topics and more.

Head of Business Banking at Mashreq, Rohit Garg, says: “Mashreq has always been at the forefront of SME product innovation and has continually worked towards the growth and sustainability of this market segment. With SMEXchange, we’re aiming to create a useful pool of information by offering various tools for SMEs to improve and expand their businesses. We recognise the increasing importance, and convenience, of online engagement for customers, and as a result have crafted the best online platform to support SMEs.”